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Pale Fire footprints (fwd)
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=0AI don't think Kurt Scaletta is right about the Hound of the Baskervilles=
-=0Asurely the more obvious reference is to the celebrated struggle at the=
=0AFalls between Holmes and Moriaty, after which Holmes tries to conceal hi=
s=0A"death" by making one set of footprints apparently lead up to the falls=
,=0Aand none returning - whether this is best done by walking backwards or =
by=0Ataking off one's shoes and binding them backwards to one's feet is=0As=
omething that later Baker Street Irregulars have much discussed - but the=
=0Apoint for Nabokov surely being, =E0 la Shade, the elaborate artistic sta=
ging=0Aof his own death. I trust you have enjoyed this note.=0A =
Chris Ackerley.=0A=0A=0Ag from you.
Simon Williams