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Lysandra cormion (fwd)
Chris Raguet-Bouvart, editor of the forthcoming special Nabokov issue of
the journal EUROPE, sends out this lepidopterological note. I take the
opportunity to mention once again the splendid LES PAPILLONS DE NABOKOV
done by Dieter Zimmer and Michel Satori (Lausanne, 1993).
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Subject: Lysandra cormion

To D. Barton Johnson
From: Chris Raguet-Bouvart

Information given by Gerard Christian Luquet, a French Lepidopterist from the
Museum d'Histoire naturelle de Paris.

Original reference: VN's article & discovery: "Lysandra cormion, a New European
Butterfly", by VN, Journal New York Entomological society, vol.XLIX,
Sept. 1941.
Three lepidopterists published articles on this new butterfly in
VN's wake:
-Jiri Smelhaus, in Acta Societatis Entomologicae Cechosloveniae,
XLIV-1947 No 1-2.
-F. Dujardin, in Entomops, Nice, No 15, Sept. 1969.
-Klaus G. Schurian, in Nachr. ent. Ver. Apollo, Frankfurt, N.F.
10 (2): 183-192, Juli 1989.
- Klaus G. Schurian, in Nachr. ent. Ver. Apollo, Frankfurt,
N.F. 12 (3): 193-195, Dezember 1991

After successful experiments, Schurian finally proves in 1989 &
confirms in 1991 that VN's conjectures of 1941 were right.