Vladimir Nabokov

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Nice VN Conference
Professor Maurice Couturier, emminent French Nabokov scholar and
organizer of the outstanding June 1990 Nabokov Conference in Nice, plans a
new conference to be held June 22-24, 1995.
The conference title is "Nabokov, at the Crossroads of Modernism
and Postmodernism" and papers will address the following topics:
1) Nabokov's literary theory and practice as viewed from the modernist or
postmodernist angle, and his unclubbability in terms of literary chapels
2) Joyce and Nabokov
3) Nabokov and literary innovation in the USSR and after
4) Nabokov's actual relationship with or response to modernist (Bely,
Proust, Joyce, Kafka, etc.) and postmodernist writers (Pynchon?,
Robbe-Grillet, etc.)
5) Major writers' relationship or response to Nabokov and his works
(Barth, Gass, Hawkes, Elkin, etc.)
6) Echoes of Nabokov's works in postmodernist fiction (Pynchon,
Sorrentino, Alexander Theroux, etc.)

Half of the participants will be Nabokov specialists; the other
half, specialists in Joyce and of postmodernist fiction.
For further information, contact Professor Maurice Couturier, Director of
the CRELA, Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Faculte des Lettres, Arts
et Sciences Humaines, 98 bd Edouard Herriot, 06007, NICE, FRANCE. Fax 93
37 55 36.