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New York Public Library Exhibit (fwd)
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The NY Times, July 28, 1994, B3:

"Vladimir Nabokov -- novelist, poet, playwright, chess player and
lepidopterist -- is the undisputed star of the literary exhibition now at
the Berg Collection of English and American Literature at the New York
Public Library.

The 34 Nabokov selections in the show, chosen with the guidance of his
leading biographer, Brian Boyd, include privately printed poems, diagrams
illustrating variations in the metrical scheme of Russian poets,
solutions to a chess problem, a short story called "Russian Spoken Here,"
drawing and notes on the evolution of butterfly wing patterns for his
"Butterflies of Europe," and two books -- "Ada, or Ardor" and "look at
the Harlequins," his last novel -- written on index-size note cards.

The most unusual of the documents reveals Nabokov in the private role of
critic, passing out secret grades -- like the college professor he once
was -- on the work of his fellow writers for The New Yorker...

The show includes writing tips [to Cornell students]..."

The piece is by Herbert Mitgang. Does anyone know when the archive there
will be open to the public?