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Re: Answers to Answers (fwd)
Thank you to those who have taken the time to respond to my questions.
If no one minds too much, I'd like to say a few things more.
First, to Sunny (and anyone else who may have been confused [or thought
me confused] by my inclusion of Ada in my list of selfish women) I
admitted in my earlier posting that I hadn't read all the novels, and
*Ada* is one I haven't gotten to. But the way I understand it (mainly
from Boyd) is that, while Ada may have been almost perfect for Van, her
behavior toward others, like Lucette, was certainly selfish. I will be
the first to admit, however, that my ideas are still poorly formed, and
certainly in need of revision.
I hadn't meant to imply that Nabokov was misogynistic, I simply wondered
at what I saw to be a pattern. In his life he certainly didn't seem to
bear women any special grudge, despite what some of his characters were
Is the stain-glass butterfly edition of *Lolita* available nationally
through Barnes & Noble? My local branch doesn't seem to know anything
about it.

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