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Graham Greene Archive (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Since the subject below is LOLITA, I take the opportunity
to mention that I have received the Olympia edition of LOLITA from
Daedalus. Both volumes are from the 4th printing (Sept. 1959 vs Sept. 1955
for the first) and contain publisher Maurice Girodias'six page
"Publisher's Digression" which surveys the censorship battle over the
book, mentioning Graham Greene's role in sparking the controversy. I have
not yet received the so-called "butterfly" edition which I ordered from
Barnes and Noble. Although these editions are not rarities, they are
curiosities, belonging on the shelf of every Nabokov bibliophile. DBJ

The current - Feb. 3 - number of THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION reports on
the acquiition of the Graham Greene archive by Boston College, and notes the
inclusion of at least one letter by Nabokov, thanking Greene for his support of
LOLITA. (p. A12)