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Re: Browning's door (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Below is David R. Slavitt's response to Allan McWilliams
original query which is given farther downscreen.
Can it be that among the 150 subscribers to NABOKV-L, there is no
one who went to or knows someone at Wellesly? The real question, of
course, is what, if anything, did VN mean by throwing this item
into his Gogol Chronology. But it shouldn't be hard to find out whether
Browning's door is there or not. DBJ --------------------------------
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I always assumed this was true. VN taught at Wellesly, after all. E. A.
Poe's door used to be on Colonel Gimbel's suite in Pierson college at Yale.
A door from Poe's Philadelphia house, I think. These odd things do
happen. Dickens' inkwell is in Longfellow's house in Cambridge.

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>Would anyone care to offer elucidating comment on a sentence in the
>chronology at the end of _Nikolai Gogol_? It's in the entry for "Winter
>"Browning's door is preserved in the library of Wellesley College."
>(p. 159 of my ND paperback)
>An apparent non-sequitur which yet nets Browning a spot in the index.
>And, while we're at it: is it?
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