Vladimir Nabokov

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NY KQKn performance
From: Michael Juliar <mlj@mink.mt.att.com>

Re: John Lavagnino's well-placed sources who say that a
stage version of King, Queen, Knave took place recently in

Those sources may be correct. I am trying to find out more
about it. But it was certainly another unauthorized use in
the West of VN's work. The VN literary agent knows nothing
about it.

Many former Eastern Bloc citizens, and Russians in
particular, even though they have donned capitalistic
cloaks, still don't seem to know or care about authors'
rights. (The Lolita opera in Sweden is another recent

Is it this author in particular? Do they feel that they
somehow "own" VN and don't have to request the right to
translate or stage his work? Or do they feel they couldn't
afford royalties? Or is it possible that all over the US
and Europe the emigre communities, as a carryover from
their communistic past, still don't care about the
reproduction rights of any authors? I wonder.

- Michael Juliar