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Re: "Spring In Fialta" (fwd)
EDITOR'S COMMENT: In response to the following, I might mention that, if
memory serves, Charles Nicol (and perhaps others) have pointed to the
"plus-foured" gentleman as a VN stand-in. I don't think anyone has
really looked into VN's use of parentheses--and it's obviously a fertile
area. I have remarked on it in connection with key passages in THE DEFENSE
and ADA, but there are hundreds of examples. Someone should do a
typology of them. Can anyone help Mr. Piercy on this one? DBJ

From: joseph piercy <>

------------------ Joseph Piercy writes : Is it safe to assume that the
"plus-foured Englishman" who makes occassional appearances in the story
"Spring In Fialta" is VN in disguise making one of his "tours of
inspection". Also, has anyone written on the use of parenthesis as a
stylistic device in VN and if so I would be grateful if they could mail me
any references/ information to the address below : Regards, Joseph Piercy
University Of Wolverhampton U.K