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RES: [NABOKV-L] Pale Fire in the Oscar-nominated film "Her"
Brian Boyd: Michael Lavey pointed out to me off-list that the American
paperback edition of Pale Fire features in the currently Oscar-nominated
film Her (2013). He writes: as Pale Fire is concerned with the
incomprehensibility of consciousness after death to those still living, Her
is concerned with the incomprehensibility of superhuman intelligence (and
emotion) to the merely human. I don't think it's a meaningless coincidence
that the only book the audience sees in the movie (aside from the main
character's own published book of letters) is Pale Fire.

Jansy Mello: We mustn't forget that what's presented to the spectator
points not only to Nabokov's novel "Pale Fire" but, also, to a specific
edition that ostensibly carries a burnt out match in its cover (not the most
appropriate visual rendering of PF in my eyes).

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