Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VN Bibliography: "Sounds" (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. My thanks to Bernard Kreise, a member of the Editorial
Board of the Pleiade edition of Nabokov, for the information below. As his
note makes clear, the English version of the 1923
Nabokov story "Sounds" appearing in the current NEW YORKER follows both
German and French versions. And perhaps an Italian one.
From: KREISE <100622.1110@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: VN Bibliography: "Sounds"

I translated "Sounds" ("Zvuki", in Russian) for the Gallimard collected
stories ("La Venitienne") in 1990 ("Bruits" in French, because "Sons",
which is the exact translation of "Zvuki", is impossible in French). "La
Venitienne" was republished (with "Bruits") in _Folio_ #2493 and this year
in the collection "Mille et une nuits" with an afterword.

Bernard Kreise