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NABSTRACT: Luksic "Fame"
EDITORIAL NOTE. Irena Luksic and Magdalena Medaric, author of the first
Croatian book on VN, are among the leading Croatian scholars of emigre
Russian literature.

From: Irena Luksic <>
Don, Masha prepare collection of essays thematically linked
to autobiographism / autometapoetic commentary. I wrote the essay
about Nabokov. Nabokov's Fame. The abstract is:

Vladimir Nabokov is an author oriented toward a text and his text
- toward another text. Fame (l942) shows the main characteristic of
acmeistic poetics i.e. that one and the same element of a language
bears different meanings, functions and relations. Particularly
emphasized, in the meaning structure of the poem are quotations,
reminiscences, autoquotations and allusions, presented through the
poet's dialogue with a multivoiced Someone-Something. Along with
the phenomena of citation and autocitation appears another crucial
aspect of acmeistic poetics - metapoetic commentary, which implies that
the author introduces into the poetic text a level of formal analysis of
the very same text. The effect of the autometadescription is the
result of the identificiation of various temporal and spatial
parameters of a poetic text (the time of readers' reception).
Such a semantic organization of the text is an instrument
of the author's approach to the cultural paradigm with a clearly
distinct historical vertical and horizontal realization of a
literary work. The function of metapoetic commentary of the poem
Fame is above all an attempt toward the contextualization of the
author's entire opus in the position of absolute cultural
dislocation (emigration).

Best wishes, Irena