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VN Bibliography: Complete Stories
EDITORIAL NOTE: My thanks to Michael Juliar, author of _Vladimir Nabokov.
A Descriptive Bibliography_ (NY: Garland, 1986) for making available
this advance information on VN's forthcoming complete story collection.

According to the uncorrected proof, this is the dope on
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov, edited by Dmitri Nabokov:

Publisher: Knopf
Publication date: 30 Oct 1995
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 0-394-58615-8
Listed in the table of contents, but since the text
is not in the proof, I do not know who wrote it.

The stories are presented in the order of composition,
when known. The original Russian titles are in
parentheses (as given in the Notes). Dmitri Nabokov
takes credit for the "posthumous" translations of the
13 stories appearing here in book form in English for
the first time. Those thirteen (which us
bibliographers very much care about) are asterisked

*The Wood Sprite (Nezhit')
*Russian Spoken Here (Govoryat po-russki)
*Sounds (Zvuki)
*Wingstroke (Udar krila)
*Gods (Bogi)
A Matter of Chance (Sluchaynost')
*The Port (Port)
*Revenge (Mest')
*Beneficence (Blagost')
Details of a Sunset (Katastrofa)
The Thunderstorm (Groza)
*La Veneziana (Venentsianka)
Bachmann (Bakhman)
*The Dragon (Drakon)
Christmas (Rozhdestvo)
A Letter That Never Reached Russia (Pis'mo v Rossiyu)
*The Fight (Draka)
The Return of Chorb (Vozvrashchenie Chorba)
A Guide to Berlin (Putevoditel' vo Belinu)
A Nursery Tale (Skazka)
Terror (Uzhas)
*Razor (Britva)
The Passenger (Passazhir)
The Doorbell (Zvonok)
An Affair of Honor (Podlets)
*The Christmas Story (Rozhdestvenskiy rasskaz)
The Potato Elf (Kartolfel'nyy el'f)
The Aurelian (Pil'gram)
A Dashing Fellow (Khvat)
A Bad Day (Obida)
The Visit to the Museum (Poseshchenie muzeya)
A Busy Man (Zanyatoy chelovek)
Terra Incognita
The Reunion (Vstrecha)
Lips to Lips (Usta k ustam)
Orache (Lebeda)
Music (Muzyka)
Perfection (Sovershenstvo)
The Admiralty Spire (Admiralteyskaya igla)
The Leonardo (Korolyok)
In Memory of L.I.Shigaev (Pamyati L.I.Shigaeva)
The Circle (Krug)
A Russian Beauty (Krasavitsa)
Breaking the News (Opovoshchenie)
Torpid Smoke (Tyazhyolyy dym)
Recruiting (Nabor)
A Slice of Life (Sluchay iz zhizni)
Spring in Fialta (Vesna v Fial'te)
Cloud, Castle, Lake (Oblako, ozero, bashnya)
Tyrants Destroyed (Istreblenie tiranov)
Lik (Lik)
Mademoiselle O
Vasiliy Shishkov
Ultima Thule
Solus Rex
The Assistant Producer
"That in Aleppo Once..."
A Forgotten Poet
Time and Ebb
Conversation Piece, 1945
Signs and Symbols
First Love
Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster
The Vane Sisters

Signed by Dmitri Nabokov or taken from Vladimir
Nabokov's introductory notes to his previous story

Reprints Vladimir Nabokov's Bibliographical Note to
Nabokov's Dozen and the forewords to his other

- Michael Juliar
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