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Re: VN Bibliography: "Razor" (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE: David R. Slavitt, author of the note below (and of 50
books), was an arts editor at NEWSWEEK in the sixties. The item makes a
charming addendum to his account of his meetings with Nabokov that ran on
NABOKV-L some time ago. He is also the author of the unsigned NEWSWEEK
cover story on VN that appeared in NEWSWEEK upon the 1962 publication of
PALE FIRE and release of Kubrick's film LOLITA.

Good to hear about "Razor," which I look forward to reading next
time I get a haircut. I remember that Wilkinson Sword Razor blades had
just come on the market and VN loved them. Couldn't get them in
Switzerland. Was very eager to buy up a large supply in NYC to take back
with him. And he made some odd remark about how impossible it was to shave
the way Shade does -- or is in Kinbote? -- in Pale Fire. (In about six
long strokes, as I remember.) He found it amusing to imagine that readers
might try it.
David R. Slavitt
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