Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokov in fiction (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE: Here is another response to the general query re VN
appearing in other people's fiction. I might add to the list by
mentioning Sasha Sokolov's novel _Astrophobia_ (Russsian _Palisandriia_).
The author of the following response, Allan McWilliams, initiated the
interesting NABOKV-L on Browning's door at the Wellesley
library (mentioned in VN's index to his Gogol book). The ensuing exchange
(6-21 Feb. 1995) was complied by Stephen Blackwell and reprinted in THE
NABOKOVIAN #34 (Spring 1995).

From: Allan A Mcwilliams <allan@U.Arizona.EDU>

Donald Harington's _Ekaterina_ comes to mind, as does Martin Amis' _London
Fields_, in which _Transparent Things_ is called something like "the
saddest novel in English." (Sorry, no copy handy for the exact reference.)

Furthermore, Malcolm Bradbury's _Unsent Letters_ has one bit of "correspon-
dence" addressed to Charles Kinbote concerning, if I remember correctly,
a newly discovered old book with strikingly _Lolita_-esque themes.

Allan McWilliams