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VN Trivia (fwd)
Whoops! It has been called to my attention that I switched the authors'
names in attributing the "reality" quotes in my posting earlier today. My
apologies to both gentlemen. I am resending the item with the "real"
Recently noted passages:

1) "What, in fact, are realities worth compared to the mirages we would
know? Should the true lover be satisfied to comprehend his intoxication
only by sensation? The very rapture of one's love, surely, no longer
limits him only to earth. 'Reality,' it's been written, 'is the only word
in the language that has no meaning without quotation marks.'" (p. 255)

_Darconville's Cat_
Alexander Theroux, 1981

2) "So, here we are back at 'Reality Ranch.'And this is the final
chapter. Some great writer, I forget who just now, once said that
'reality' should always have quotation marks around it, because there
isn't any such thing. How true. But I discovered that I was glad to be
back in Five Corners, and immediately noticed that it seemed much more
'real' than that hospital in Woodstock had seemed." (p. 231)

_Some Other Place. The Right Place_
Donald Harington, 1972

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