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Shakespeare and VN (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE: In reference to the query below, I would mention that the
leading authority on VN and Shakespeare is Sam Schuman. Priscilla
Meyer has also offered some interesting ideas on VN-WS connections. Can
anyone point to connections pertaining directly to the theme mentioned below?
A CORRECTION. It is has been brought to my attention that the home
institution of Christine Rydel, author of the long-awaited concordance to
Nabokov's characters, is not, as I said, Green Valley State University,
but Grand Valley S.U.(MI).
A student of mine is searching for sources that connect VN and Shakespeare,
especially the idea of old men and young women in the plays. She's thinking
of influences and overtones in Lolita, and she's familiar with all of the
fun VN had with Hamlet in Bend Sinister. Suggestions?

Greg Wickliff