Vladimir Nabokov

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AATSEEL VN COnference Schedule
Concurrently with the MLA Convention in Chicago, the American Association
of Teachers of Slavic & E. European Languages holds its annual meeting.
The International Nabokov Society sponsors an AATSEEL panel. The hotel
name and room number will be available later.

December 30. 3:15-5:15
Chair: Julian Connolly
Secretary: Anna Brodsky

1. "Vladimir Nabokov and Dostoevsky: Hermann as Golyadkin's Despairing
Double." Galina Patterson. U. of Wisconsin
2. "VN & the End of Russian Literature." Natalie Repin. U. of Illinois
3. "Life, Death, and Art in Nabokov's Vaniada Continuum." Sunny Otake.
U. of Washington
4. "Hiding and Seeking: Nabokov's & Chelishchev." Alexander Dunkel. U. of

In addition, Elena Sommers (U. of Rochester) will give a paper entitled
"INVITATION TO A BEHEADING: Nabokov's A/Political Novel" in the 8-10 am
time slot on 30 December in the section "Characterization and Narrativity
in Slavic Literatures"