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[SIGHTING] A reprise of Nabokov and Hitchcock letters
Alfred Hitchcock and Vladimir Nabokov Trade Letters and Ideas for a Film
Collaboration (1964)

in Film, Letters, Literature | January 27th, 2014

Alfred Hitchcock, writes James A. Davidson in Images, “is usually mentioned
in the same breath with Cornell Woolrich, the literary ‘master of
suspense,’” not least because he adapted a novella of Woolrich’s into Rear
Window (1954).” Yet Davidson himself finds in Hitchcock “a much greater
affinity with that of the Russian émigré writer Vladimir Nabokov, with whom
he is not typically associated since there is no apparent connection” like
the one between Nabokov and Stanley Kubrick, who brought Nabokov’s novel
Lolita to the screen. Hitchcock and Nabokov never similarly collaborated,
but not out of a lack of desire...

”One can only imagine the kind of involuted, complex, and playful work
these two men would have produced,” writes Davidson. “What is left, in the
end, is the work they produced, which can be well summarized by a line the
fictional John Shade wrote in Pale Fire: ‘Life is a message scribbled in the


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