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Query: Nabokov's genealogy (fwd)
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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 00:28:41 +0300 (MSK)
From: Anna L.Gavrilova <>

Dear Nabokovians,

I am working on Nabokov's genealogy and I wonder if anybody can
provide additional information (dates of death, in particular) for
the following members of Nabokov's family:

Nabokov Dmitriy Dmitrievich, born December 8, 1900 in St.Peterbourg
son of Nabokov Dmitriy Dmitrievich (b.1.12.1870 - d.16.11.1937)

Strizhevskaya (nee Nabokova) Xenia Mikhailovna, born 1892
daughter of Nabokov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Pravdzich-Archizhevskaya (nee Nabokova) Anna Mikhailovna, born 1885
daughter of Nabokov Mikhail Alexandrovich

von Heyking Nikolay Apollonovich, born December 10, 1866
husband of Nabokova Sofia Mikhailovna (1881-1921)

Nabokova (nee Poltavtseva) Evgenia Alexandrovna, born 1898
wife of Nabokov Mikhail Mikhailovich

Nabokov Petr Fedorovich, born 1867,
son of Nabokov Fedor Nikolaevich (b.1838 d.1872)

Vonliarliarsky Dmitry Vladimirovich, born June 12, 1880
husband of Nabokova Nadezhda Dmitrievna (1882-1954)

Nabokov Dmitry Dmitrievich, born June 26, 1867, St.Peterbourg
son of Nabokov Dmitry Nikolaevich (1842-1925)

Kuerschner Dietrich Friedrich Maximilian Albert, born 1856 in Eisenach (Saxe)

Kuerschner (nee Walther) Lina Emilie, born March 6, 1859 in Neustadt, Thuringe

Pykhacheva (nee Neplueva) Maria Alexandrovna, born 1859

Ievleva (nee Nabokova) Elena Alexandrovna, born 1860
daughter of Nabokov Alexander Nikolaevich (1825-1866)

Le Cobban Clement, born March 24, 1879 , British officer
husband of Nabokova Valeria Nikolaevna died December 2, 1922

Nabokov Sergey Nikolaevich, born 1827
son of Nabokov Nikolay Alexandrovich (1795-1873)

Nabokov Vsevolod Nikolaevich, born May 15, 1834
son of Nabokov Nikolay Alexandrovich (1795-1873)

Nabokova Anna Ivanovna, born December 9, 1828
daughter of Nabokov Ivan Alexandrovich (1787-1852)

Nabokov Nikolay Andreevich, born 1778
son of Nabokov Andrey Ivanovich (1721-1780)

Nabokova Varvara Andreevna, born 1782
daughter of Nabokov Andrey Ivanovich (1721-1780)

Thank you in advance !

Anna Gavrilova, Moscow, Russia