Vladimir Nabokov

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Call for papers, ALA Convention (fwd)
CALL FOR PAPERS: Session on Vladimir Nabokov, sponsored by the
Vladimir Nabokov Society, at the sixth annual convention of the American
Literature Association, May 30-June 2, 1996, at the Bahia Hotel in San
Diego, Calif. Topic of this year's session: "Nabokov and the American
Canon and Context."
Submit abstracts or papers (20-min.--approx. 10 typed,
double-spaced pages) to Dr. Ellen Pifer, English Dept., 127 Memorial Hall,
Univ. of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, by Dec 10, 1995: tel: 302-831-6965,
e-mail address: epifer@udel.edu.

Preregistration conference fees will be $40. (with a special rate of
$10. for independent scholars, retired individuals, and students). The
hotel is offering a conference rate of $77 a night (single) or $82
(double). Pre-registration information will be mailed to program
participants about two weeks before the general mailing to all ALA
N.B. For those who wish to subscribe to the ALA Newsletter and be
placed on the ALA database: send a check for $10.00, payable to the
American Literature Ass'n, to Alfred Bendixen, Executive Director, ALA,
Department of English, California State University, Los Angeles, 5151
State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032.

Thanks so much, Ellen