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Re: Nassim Berjis dissertation abstract (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. Below, Galya Diment suggests that Nassim's Bedrjis'
dissertation linking of Jakobsonian poetics and VN's texts might have met
with VN's displeasure. And so it might. On the other hand, there is much
in VN's early prose that bespeaks an awareness of Russian Formalism. It
seems to me that Jakobson's ideas are still fruitful guides to reading
some Nabokov. Don JOhnson

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Subject: Re: Nassim Berjis dissertation abstract (fwd)

Not that it should matter, but I strongly suspect that, given their
relationship, Nabokov would be as indignant about someone applying
Jakobson's theories to his novels as he would about Freud's!