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Re: Library of America queries (fwd)
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Here are some off-the-Nabocuff answers to a couple of Brian Boyd's questions.

>Pt.2 Ch. 2: [from HH's and L's grand tour]: Works of Art collected by one
>over a period of years] Why do I think this is Will Rogers, the actor?

As I discovered in assisting Dieter E. Zimmer with his annotations for the
recently published German edition of _Lolita_, the Rogers in question is
probably Millicent Rogers, of Taos, I think. See the notes to the German
_Lolita_ (I don't have my copy at hand. Dieter, sind Sie da?)

>line 691: Gide the Lucid, who praises in his African
> notes so warmly the satiny skin of black imps

>From Gide's _L'immoraliste_ (some of which takes place in Northern Africa)?

Jeff Edmunds