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Inauguration of Zembla: The Nabokov Butterfly Net (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. ZEMBLA: The Nabokov Butterfly Net, a World Wide Site Site
devoted to Nabokov, is now up and running thanks to the initiative and
efforts of Jeff Edmunds <>. When you have time, be sure
to take a look at the site which is intended to be both a source of
information and aesthetic pleasure. DBJ

Zembla: The Nabokov Butterfly Net, a WWW site devoted to the life and works
of VN, is now up. The URL is

My thanks to the University Libraries at Penn State, who generously allowed
me to construct the site here, and to the contributors to the first phase of
Zembla, Gennady Barabtarlo, Brian Boyd, John DeMoss, Donald Harington,
Suellen Stringer-Hye, Leona Toker, and Dieter E. Zimmer. Original graphics
were provided by Sarah Anastasia Hahn, who is continuing work on the site's
visual "look." Many of you suggested "Zembla" as the site name, and Gennady
Barabtarlo offered the elegant and apt tripartite subtitle. Special
thanks to D. Barton Johnson for advice and editorial assistance.

The Web's quiddity is fluidity, and Zembla too will be a protean place.
There's much more to come.

The site has been constructed to be browsable in both Netscape and Mosaic.
(In Netscape I suggest using the Options Menu, then Preferences, to set the
Proportional Font to Times, the color of links to a bright blue, and the
followed links to a dark plum.) Zembla is a principally textual (or rather,
hypertextual) site. There are a few graphics, but I have tried to make the
site as friendly as possible to users who abhor waiting for images to load.
On the other hand, as a painter by training, I couldn't resist including
pictures, especially Gennady Barabtarlo's superb photographs.

Please direct all comments, queries, corrections, and suggestions for future
content to Jeff Edmunds at Thank you.

Jeff Edmunds