Vladimir Nabokov

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Library of America query
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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 16:26:04 EST5EDT
From: Eric ROMAN <EROMAN@garnet.cla.sc.edu>
Subject: Dr. Boyd's queries

Just read your queries for the Library of America Nabokov: Off the
cuff I may be able to help you

1) Caudron biplane: I am a plane nut ( i will check for
more info tonight) and I can easily look it up and provide you
with a lot more info while I am at home in France for
Christmas. Caudron was the name of French Airplane
engineer and manufacturer if my memory does not betray me (weird
lastname and Nabokov probably loved the idea). I think the firm
closed after WW2.

2) Night Rote and Hebe's cup: I am thinking of paintings and I do not
know why.

3) Andre Gide: Gide had acquire the reputation of going to North
Africa to indulge in his taste for young boys. Another writer even
insinuated that the boys nicknamed him "the 5'oclock terror". "I
always wanted to write a short story about this incident.

Eric Roman
Computer Resource Consultant
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