Vladimir Nabokov

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VN: Bibliography:_Esquire_ review (fwd)
From: Suellen Stringer-Hye <STRINGERS@library.vanderbilt.edu>

"Hauteur, Hauteur" is the title of the review of _The
Stories of Vladimir Nabokov_ appearing in
the November issue of _Esquire_ and written by Will Blythe.

The first paragraph begins thus:

"He glares at you balefully, as if daring you to say
something stupid or unkempt about his writing, about
literature, about the weather, about anything."

The review is begrudgingly positive and is illustrated with
a picture of Nabokov circa 1970? (maybe) captioned with the
words Literary god: Nabokov. The reviewer had likened
Nabokov to the stern God of Genesis, saying

"The phrenology of a god is all there: the massive
judgemental forehead; the raised eyebrow hauteur that
comes from creating something as impressive as a universe;
and the slight melancholy (in the eyes) at seeing how it
will fare in time. Only in the wiles of memory will his
Paradise endure."

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