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Re: Hazel & Haze, L.
Gavriel Shapiro's 1996 article on the class list in Lolita mentions this in
the section on "Smith, Hazel." Shapiro writes "Hazel > Haze, L.- cf.
Humbert's abbreviation of her name as L. in his diary" (330) Shapiro's
article appeared in Cahiers du Monde russe, 37.3, July-Sept. 1996.
On Feb 25, 2014 9:49 PM, "Roth, Matthew" <mroth@messiah.edu> wrote:

> In a forthcoming article, I talk about the Hazel-Haze, L. coincidence,
> but I was unable to track down who first wrote about it. Does anyone have
> an earlier reference than the Rosenbaum article?
> Matt Roth
> ------------------------------------
> To avoid posting two messages, I added here an old review by Ron Rosenbaum
> in which he not only argues about Brian Boyd's theory of writerly "ghosts"
> in PF (recently mentioned in a posting related to "consciousness after
> death"), or his retraction concerning the debates about the "Shadean
> theory", but he also brings up a find (*Hazel* and *L.Haze*) that I've
> encountered (or noticed) yesterday for the first time (this is why I
> decided to share it with newcomers to the VN-L)
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