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Re: RES: [NABOKV-L] Hazel & Haze, L.
In a footnote to Priscilla Meyers’ article “Nabokov and the Spirits: Dolorous Haze--Hazel Shade,” I find the following: “Charles Nicol shows the heroines’ two families to be opposites in ‘Hazel and Haze, L: Families and Anti-Families’, paper delivered at the Vladimir Nabokov Society Meeting , MLA annual convention, Washington, DC, 1996.” So that at least takes us back to 1996, three years before RR’s piece. Of course many people must have noticed the Hazel-Haze coincidence long before this, but I’m looking specifically for the formulation as it appears here, in Nicol and Rosenbaum. I don’t know if Charles still reads the list, but if so, maybe he can tell us more.


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