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RES: [NABOKV-L] RES: [NABOKV-L] topology/fugal time;
C.Kunin [to JM’s “Can you write more about what you consider ‘the fugal nature of time in the novel?’] ” The fugues in Pale Fire are various. There is the fugue in the sense of chase/pursuit in Gradus' pursuit of Charles/Shade…Then there is the pun on the early term for multiple personality, "fugue state"; and then there is the nature of time itself …Ah - nice incorporation! but did I endow Gradus with the body of Kinbote? They are his suppressed personalities, not bodies.

Jansy Mello: I didn’t grasp your explanation about “the fugal nature of time.” You didn’t mean it in the sense of “tempus fugit,” right? Are you thinking of the different stories that run in parallel to one another, that arise and disappear at different intervals?

You quoted a former Nab-L indication concerning multiple personalities and fugue states, but the added Freud/Breuer quotations are applicable to another kind of dissociative episodes (linked to hysteria), unlike Shade’s. And I forgot that in your interpretation Kinbote, like Gradus, is a suppressed Shade personality.

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