Letters to Véra

Submitted by Brian_Boyd on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 05:14

As you may know, VN's letters to his wife, edited and translated by Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd, have appeared in multiple editions in English (Penguin Classics hardback, 2014, Knopf hardback, 2015, Penguin Classics paperback, 2016, and Vintage paperback, 2017) and in other languages (Chinese, French, German, Romanian, with Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish under way), and also in our edition in the original Russian, as Pis'ma k Vere (KoLibri, 2017, notes translated by Alexandra Glebovskaya). Each of the successive editions in English has made improvements over its predecessors, so that the Vintage 2017 edition should be the version of choice in English for scholars and students wanting the most accurate form of the text and the nearly 3000 notes. Both Laure Troubetzkoy's French version, Lettres à Véra (Fayard 2017) and Ludger Tolkdorf's German, Briefe an Véra (Rowohlt, 2017--the final volume in the 24-volume German Collected Works under Dieter E. Zimmer's general editorship) was translated from both the Russian and the English.