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Photos, [Pale Fire] in the new [Blade Runner] movie from SONY
Re: [NABOKV-L] Photographic Memory in Lolita

Photographic Memory in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.pdf

On 10/16/17, Courtney Carter <courtneylcarter95@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I've recently completed my undergraduate thesis entitled, "Photographic
> Memory in Vladimir Nabokov's *Lolita," *attached.
> Just thought some of you may be interested in the role of photography and
> memory in Nabokov's novel. I would be more than happy to hear what you
> think.
> All my best,
> Courtney Carter

In the original BR movie, there was a photo, snapshot
which was unusually invasive --- its optical tentacles
reached around corners and doors.

--- it seemed to even hop over the abyss of time.


I finally saw the new [Blade Runner] .
Do you have any comments?

I've seen the original (1982-) movie maybe 10 times.


The original (1982-) BR movie was notable for its use of
retro- advertising neon signs.

The new BR movie may be remembered for the SONY neon signs.
( It stood out. )

>>> Sony profits soar on image sensors, games, “Spider-Man” film
TOKYO — Sony Corp. reported Tuesday that its fiscal second quarter
profit zoomed by 26-fold from the same period last year, boosted by
the success of its image sensors, game products and the latest
“Spider-Man” movie.

>>> Sony profits rise 346% -- If realized, this would be the highest ever profit for the company since its record-breaking year in 1998 when it earned 526 billion yen. During this period, Sony's first PlayStation console was proving very successful.


Regarding the use of [Pale Fire] in the new [Blade Runner] movie,
I don't have any special or notable insights,
and I see others are enjoying the puzzle more than I am.


In Blade Runner 2049, real humans have created K (a
replicant). K, in turn, owns an artificial life form in Joi.
(((... and in Pale Fire ... )))
<------ Great point !


Fool's errand ... These guys are good.


re: [Pale Fire] book cover (clearly visible in the film)

Did VN like the crimson flames on the book cover ?
( it seems so wrong )

( it's so bad, that it's good / campy.) HH

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