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RES: [NABOKV-L] Narnia and Hamadryads in the movies: addendum
Jansy Mello: Dryads (also referred to as "Wood Nymphs", "Wood Gods", "Wood Goddesses","Hamadryads", "Tree People", and "Silvans") were spirits of Narnian trees)….

Jansy Mello: A posting that came out in the List had its introduction, concerning the Narnia-wiki information related to the Hamadryads, was lost in transit. Therefore a compilation of references to them, in the novels by C.S.Lewis and in the movies, was isolated from its context. It was addressed to C.Kunin because she has a special interest in confirming the associations between Shade, Kinbote and Gradus:

“Did you notice that, through the waxwing (Ampelis: both the bird, i.e, waxwing or sampel and a plant i.e, the vine and Vinogradus), we reach the hazelnut, walnut and shagbark trees (Carya or Karya), interconnecting not only Shade, Kinbote and Gradus but, also, Hazel?

I was reminded of the Hamadryads (such as these two sisters, Ampelis and Carya) in “Narnia” because, in the movie, there are incredibly beautiful images of them as trees that travel by swirling clusters of leaves to pass on messages to the heroes. Kinbote, in his “leavesdropping,” is often hindered by bushes and sprouting trees.

I hadn’t connected tree spirits in PF to Greek mythology (through the Hamadryads), but there is certainly a druidic touch in “Pale Fire” associated to the Alder and the Erlkönig, and perhaps even more.

I also corrected my reply C.Kunin. Instead of “are applicable to another kind of dissociative episodes (linked to hysteria), unlike Shade’s. And I forgot…”

read: “are applicable to another kinds of dissociative episodes (linked to hysteria), unlike what you see as happening with Shade (for I forgot that in your interpretation Kinbote, like Gradus, is a suppressed Shade personality.)” After all, excepting the “multiple personality theory,” Shade’s strokes might have been of a hysterical nature.

Please accept my excuses for the apparent non-sequitur Narnia collected informations…

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