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CFPs for MLA Chicago 2019
Dear Members of the List:

Please see below two calls for papers, the first on "Nabokov and History"
and the second on "Nabokov and Dreams."

At the 2019 Modern Languages Association Convention in Chicago (3-6 January
2019), the International Vladimir Nabokov Society is proposing a panel on
Nabokov and History. Building on recent scholarship that historicizes
Nabokov and his work, this panel explores the different ways in which
Nabokov's fiction is a product of its historical moment. Nabokov denied the
influence of the historical on his writing but how might this claim to
aesthetic autonomy be productively challenged? Papers can range from fresh
contextual readings of his work to those that engage with Nabokov's
philosophy of history itself. Particularly welcome are papers that consider
Nabokov and his work in relation to institutions, readerships, and rival
theories of history.

Short abstract (max 300 words) and CV by 15 March 2018 to Duncan White (

'At this year's Modern Languages Association Conference in Chicago (3rd to
6th January 2019), the International Vladimir Nabokov Society's guaranteed
panel will be on 'Nabokov and Dreams'. The inspiration for this subject is
the recent publication with Princeton University Press of Nabokov's Dream
Diary, edited by Gennady Barabtarlo - >> https://press.princeton.
edu/titles/11078.html <<. However, we are inviting proposals for papers on
any subject relating to the treatment of dreams in Nabokov's writings.'

Please send short proposals, of about 300 words, to Thomas Karshan at
t.karshan@uea.ac.uk, accompanied by a CV, by March 15.

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