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Re: Escher in Pale Fire, the poem?
While VN did write a few passages of the commentary during his composition of the poem, it is generally true that the poem was completed first. It was begun on 29 Nov. 1960 and completed 9 February 1961. A week later he began writing portions of the foreword and continued on from there.

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Regarding your statement:
Objectively, the poem was ready before VN finished writing C.K’s annotations. Perhaps we could begin by distinguishing “fugal time” and Escher recurrences as they appear in the poem itself from CK’s later contributions.
Well, here you take a leap of faith or of something else, I cannot say. How do you know that the poem was written and completed by VN before the annotations were completed? The line references? but they could have been added at any time. Perhaps someone who has seen the original note cards can shed light on this question.

I don't believe Escher plays any role in the poem itself since Shade is oblivious of the fugues going on in his brain.


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