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Re: Nabokov in Notos Magazine
In reply to most respected Brian Boyd and Stanislav Shvabrin:

This issue contains two translated articles on Nabokov ("Understanding
Nabokov" by Stephen Jan Parker and Nabokov en Dix Romans" by George
Nivat) as well as translations of an interview from Strong Opinions, VN's
short story "A Forgotten Poet" and his essay "On Transformation".

Being one of Nabokov's Turkish translators, my contribution was an article
on Nabokov's transnational and translingual identity in this new age of
immigration. Sabri Gürses, the Turkish translator of *Dar, *wrote about
Nabokov's own experiences in translation.

As far as I know, this is the first time a literary magazine in my country
makes a special issue on Nabokov, who has quite a distinct reader community
in Turkey, and this I consider a very happy event.

For your pleasure, I hereby attach some photos of the magazine.

You might also enjoy the Twitter video especially prepared for this issue:


Best regards,

Yiğit Yavuz

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