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Dear Readers of NABOKV-L:

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the brand-new
website dedicated to all matters related to Nabokov and titled The
Nabokovian <https://thenabokovian.org/>.

I want to take this opportunity thank the founders of the site, Stephen
Blackwell, Brian Boyd, Dmitry Kirsanov and Zoran Kuzmanovich, for
dedicating hundreds of hours to its construction.

The site contains many exciting and useful features for both scholars and
admirers of Nabokov. Several scholars have already lent a big hand in
making these features available. Steven Mihalik has generously agreed to
serve as the editor of the Bibliography section of the site; Michael
Juliar, Julie Loison-Charles, and Tatiana Ponomareva have already offered
to lend Steven their assistance. We are still in search of two Nabokovians
to lend similar assistance with bibliographic materials originating in
Japan and Eastern Europe respectively.

The new site contains a Discussion Forum that will replace the longstanding
NABOKV-L. As most of you know, NABOKV-L has been riddled with technical
problems during the past several years. The new Forum (under the DISCUSSION
button of the new site) will continue circulating members’ queries,
discoveries, and opinions in the same spirit as the former list serve.
Alexey Sklyarenko’s posts will appear separately on the site and his former
posts will be archived in a special location on the new site.

Registered users to the site will be able to contribute, Wiki-style, to all
of the material on the site. Contributors to the study of Nabokov are
invited to add their own names and an autobiographical profile to the
existing list of “Nabokovians.” Contributors are also invited to add the
names of other Nabokovians and fill in the profiles of existing names.
Please keep these profiles centered on Nabokov. Though many Nabokovians
have made significant contributions to other areas of research, this site
is intended to focus on Nabokov.

Some parts of the site will be open to everyone, some will be open only to
those who register to the site, and still others will be accessible to
those who pay the annual membership to the International Vladimir Nabokov
Society (IVNS). Therefore, this message is also meant to invite you to
renew your IVNS memberships today or at your earliest convenience.

*IVNS MEMBERS*: Paying members of the IVNS are entitled to see on this
website the following restricted pages:

a) the Annotations to Nabokov's works
<https://thenabokovian.org/annotations>, including Brian Boyd's new
instalments to "Annotations to *Ada*" for eight months before they appear
on *AdaOnline*

b) the content of all issues of the print *Nabokovian* (1978-2015)

c) the Notes and Brief Commentaries
<https://thenabokovian.org/nabokovian-new-notes> of the online 2018-
continuation of the print *Nabokovian*

d) access to *Nabokov Studies* (1994- ) for members who do not have access
to it through their institutions

e) participate in IVNS activities, such as sponsored conferences and
conference panels

*REGISTRANTS TO THE SITE*: *Non-paying* registrants to the site will be
able to post messages to the Discussion Forum that replaces Nabokv-L (the
Nabokov list serve established in 1993 by Don Barton Johnson). Old
discussions on Nabokv-L have been migrated to the new site and will be
quickly searchable to registered users. Registered users will also have
access to materials such as bibliographies and select publications. They
will also have Wiki-style editing privileges to the site. Registrants are
to register using their own identifiable and verifiable names. Aliases will
not be accepted.

*NON-REGISTERED USERS*: Anonymous *non-registered* users will have access
to the open materials, but no editing privileges.

IVNS memberships run for the calendar year and expire on December 31,
regardless of when they are purchased. The rates are 20 USD for regular
members, and 10 USD for students and retired members. Financial hardship
qualifies members for a reduced membership rate of 10 USD. Membership fees
may be waived entirely in particular cases by writing to the IVNS
Treasurer, Stephen Blackwell (sblackwe@utk.edu), to request sponsorship.

Although an enormous amount of work has already been completed by the
site’s founding members, the site is a vast undertaking and continues to be
a work-in-progress. It will grow as member contributions grow. Now that it
is officially launched, it becomes a collective effort on behalf of
Nabokovians worldwide. In order to make the site a truly international
project, please circulate this letter to individuals and groups that have
an interest in Nabokov.

I now invite you to view the newly launched site here:


With best wishes to all,

Dana Dragunoiu

General Editor of *TheNabokovian.org <http://thenabokovian.org/>*

Dr. Dana Dragunoiu, Associate Professor

Department of English Language and Literature

Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

1812 Dunton Tower

Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6


Email: dana.dragunoiu@carleton.ca

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 1556

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