Vladimir Nabokov

Final Nabokov materials now at Harvard

By Brian_Boyd, 3 October, 2018

Exciting news for Nabokov scholars and students: the final material left in Dmitri Nabokov's possession at his death has been gifted by the Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation to Harvard, Dmitri's alma mater, where his father worked both as a lepidopterist and literature professor. The material will be available for researchers in 2019. 

Here is a blog announcing the gift and introducing a sample item, a Russian grammar Nabokov used for teaching.

Brian Boyd



5 years 7 months ago

I write to thank Brian for this truly exciting news for the world of Nabokov Studies. To think that a book on Russian grammar could contain so much grist for a Nabokovian's mill. As Ada might say, the gift to Harvard contains "inestimable gems."