Vladimir Nabokov

Panelist needed for 2018 ASEEES

By dana_dragunoiu, 9 October, 2018

Dear Nabokovians,  

I organized a panel for ASEEES 2018 on "Vladimir Nabokov and Visual Arts." Unfortunately, one of the presenters will no longer be able to be participate to the conference, so we are in the lookout for a third speaker. 

The panel is composed by Robyn Jensen, who will be presenting on how photographs are introduced and described in Speak, Memory, arguing that Nabokov presents himself as their author so as to provide the reader with his own interpretation of what they represent and what their meaning is. I will be presenting on Nabokov and cinema, claiming that Nabokov was influenced by coeval cinema when writing his novels, especially for what concerns the use of time; so I analyze specific scenes from his novels and their resemblance to film techniques like editing, close-up, and dissolving. Then Beth Sweeney, from the College of the Holy Cross, will serve as discussant, and Lisa R. Wakamiya, from Florida State University, will serve as chair.

Anybody who would be interested in participating to the panel could email me at: camisamo@usc.edu

I look forward to hearing from you soon, 
Best wishes, 

Erica Camisa Morale 

Ph.D. student, Slavic Department 
University of Southern California