Large Collection of Nabokov Books for Sale

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JJ Heckenhauer is a rare bookseller with a tradition for Russian books for more than 50 years. The bookseller has recently acquired a collection with more than 100 titles about Nabokov. The list is attached. If anyone is interested in this collection or thinks their institution might be interested in purchasing it, please contact Roger Sonnewald at

Nabokov, Vladimir A unique collection of some first editions and other published works, alltogether about 105 titles !!!  New York, Moskva and others, different publishers, 1952-2014.                       

Price: EUR 2200.-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

English and other languages. Deliveries in Germany cost EUR 50,- Europe: EUR 100,- and international destinations EUR 290.

The NABOKOV collection

Books in Russian

Дар. New York, Izd. Im. Chekova, 1952. 412 pp., 1nn. page. Private name on fly front, some pencil notes on page 411. The cover is partly browned.

Другие берега. New York, Izd. Im. Chekova, 1954. 268 pp., 1 nn page. Private name on title and some pencil marks on index page. Grey softcover.

Весна в Фиалте и другие рассказкы. New York, Izd. Im. Chekova, 1956. 314 pp., 2 nn page. Private name on fly front and some pencil marks on index page. Violet softcover.

Защита Лужита. Paris, Editions de la Seine, (1967). 288 pp. First Russian edition in France. With an introduction by Georgi Adamovich. Softcover. Used, stained, small waterstain at the last pages.

Приглашение на Казнъ. Paris, Editions Victor, (1966). 218 pp. First Russian edition in France. With an introduction by Julian Moynahan.

Лолита. Lolita,. New York, Phaedra, 1967. 304 pp. With some pencil marks. With enclosed announcing publishers card. first paperback edition

Королъ, Дама, Балетъ. Романъ. New York et al. McGraw Hill, 1968. 260 pp. Hardcover. Russian reprint of the 1928 Berlin Slovo,edition.

Подвигъ. Романъ. Reprint of the Berlin Slovo edition. Ann Arbor, Ardis Publishers, 1974 ,235 pp. Softcover.

Машенка. Романъ. Reprint of the Berlin Slovo edition. Ann Arbor, Ardis Publishers, 1974. 169 pp. Softcover.

Carroll, Lewis. Аня въ странё чудечъ. Alice in Wonderland. Translated by Nabokov / Sirin. Reprint of the Berlin edition of 1923. New York, Dover publications, 1976. 114 pp, 4 nn. pages. Soft cover.

Возвращение чорба. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1976. 205 pp. Softcover. Reprint of the first edition, 1929.

Отчание. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1978. 202 pp. Softcover. Reprint of the first edition, 1936.

Соглядатай. Аnn Arbor, Ardis, 1978. 252 pp. 1nn p. Softcover. Reprint of the first edition, 1938.

Камера Обскура. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1978. 204 pp. Softcover. Reprint of the first edition, 1932.

Стихи. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1979. 320, 5 nn. pp. Softcover.

Гроздъ. Стихи. Reprint of the Berlin, 1923. About 1980. 61 pages Softcover.

Бледный огонъ. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1983. 302 pp, 2 nn. pages. Softcover.

Переписка с сестрой. Ann Arbor, Ardis Publishers, 1985. 126pp. Softcover

Рассказы. Приглашение на Казанъ Роман. Эссе, Интервъю, пецензии. Moskva, Kniga, 1989. 528 pp. Hardcover.

Пъесы. Moscow, Isskustvo, 1990. 288pp. Hardcover.

Романы, Расскаы, эссе. St. Petersburg, Entar, 1993. 353 pp. Hardcover.

Стихотворения и поэмы. Moskva, ast,1997. 592 pp. Hardcover.

Лолита. Charkov / Moskva, Folio / ACT, 1998. 432 pp. Hardcover.


Books in English and other languages

Speak, Memory. Original title: Conclusive Evidence. New York, The Universal Library, Grosset & Dunlap, 1951. 240 pp. Softcover.

Bend Sinister. London, Weidenfeld, 2nd impression,1960. 212 pp. Hardcover.

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight. A novel. London, Weidenfeld,1960. 192 pp. Hardcover.

Nabokov‘s Dozen. Thirteen Stories. London, Penguin, 1960. 160 pp. Softcover.

Pnin. London, Penguin Books, 1960. 160 pp. Softcover.

The song of Igor’s campaign. An epic of the Twelfth Century. Translated from Old Russian by Vladimir Nabokov. London, Weidenfeld, 1961. 136 pp. With the errata note. Hardcover.

Nikolai Gogol. New York, New Directions, revised edition 1961. 172 pp, 5 pp. nn pages. Softcover, paperback.

Pale Fire. London, Weidenfeld, 2nd impression, 1962. 316 pp, 2 nn. pages. Hardcover

Invitation to a beheading. London, Penguin, 1963. 192 pp. Softcover, paperback. First published in Berlin, 1935.

Eugene Onegin. A novel in verse by Aleksandr Pushkin. Translated from the Russian, with a commentary by V. Nabokov. 4vols. Princeton Univ Press, Bollingen series LXXII, 1964.. 345; 540; 383, 109 pp + faksmile. Softcover.

The Defense. New York, Popular Library, 1965. 254 pp. pocketbook. Originally appeared in The New Yorker.

The Eye. New York, Phaedra, 1965. 114 pp., 1nn page. Hardcover. The binding slightly stained.

The Gift. New Yorker, Panther, 1966. 334 pp. Softcover. First published, 1963.

Despair. London, Weidenfeld, 1966. 222 pp. Hardcover. - Last page browned.

The Waltz Invention. A play in three acts. New York, Phaedra, 1966. 112 pp. Hardcover.

Speak Memory. An autobiography revisited by V.N. Revised edition first published in GB in 1967. London, Weidenfeld, 1967. 316 pp. Hardcover . Originally published under the title Conclusive Evidence, copyright 1944.

King Queen Knave. Translated by Dmitri Nabokov in collaboration with the author. London, Weidenfeld. 1968. 272 pp, Blue Hardcover

Nabokov’s congeries. Selected with a critical introdruction by Page Stegner. New York, Viking Press, 1968. 536 pp. Hardcover

ADA or ardour: A family chronicle. 2nd impression. New York, McGraw Hill, 1969.589 pp. Hardcover.

Mary. A Novel. New York & al., McGraw Hill, 1970. 114 pp, Hardcover

The Annotated Lolita. Edited, with preface, introduction and notes by Alfred Appel, Jr. New York, McGraw Hill, 1970. LXXVI, 441 pp. Hardcover.

Criticism, reminiscences, translations and tributes. Edited by Alfred Appel Jr. and Charles Newman. Evanston, Northwestern University Press, 1970. 372 pp. With the supplementary notes. Hardcover.

Three Russian Poets. Selections from Pushkin, Lermontov and Tyutchev. In new translations.Norfolk, The Poets of the Year. Reprint about 1970 of the edition 1944. 40 pp. Hardcover.

A Hero of our Time, a novel by Mihal Lermontov. Translated by Vladimir Nabokov in collaboration with Dmitri Nabokov. New York, Doubleday Anchor, ca 1970, 210 pp. Softcover.

Poems and Problems. New York & al., McGraw Hill, 1970. 218 pp, Hardcover

Glory. New York & al., McGraw Hill, 1971. 262 pp, Hardcover

Transparent Things. A novel. New York, McGraw Hill, 1972. 104 pp. Hardcover.

Strong Opinions. New York et al., McGraw Hill, 1973. 336 pp. Hardcover.

A Russian Beauty and other stories. New York, McGraw Hill, 1973. 268 pp. Hardcover.

Lolita a screenplay by Vladimir Nabokov. New York, McGraw Hill, 1974. XIII, 213 pp. Hardcover

Look at the Harlequins. London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1974. 253 pp. Hardcover.

Tyrants destroyed and other stories. New York & al. McGraw Hill, 1975. 238 pp. Hardcover without DJ.

Details of a Sunset and other stories. New York & al. McGraw Hill, 1976. 180 pp. Hardcover without DJ.

Bodenstein, Jürgen. The Excitement of Verbal Adventure. A study of Vladimir Nabokov’s English Prose. 2 volumes. Heidelberg, private print, 1977. 458 pp. (volume I), about 220 nn pages (volume II). = dissertation

Blue Evenings in Berlin. Nabokov’s Short Stories of the 1920s. Edited by Marina Turkevich Naumann. New York, NY University Press, 1978. XVI, 254 pp. Hardcover.

The Nabokov-Wilson Letters. Correspondance between Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson1940-1971. Edited, Annotated and with an Introdcutory Essay by Simon Karlinsky. New York, Harper, 1979. 346 pp. Hardcover.

Lectures on Russian Literature. Edited by Fredson Bowers. Introduction by John Updike. New York et al. , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980. XXVII, 385 pp. Hardcover.

Aleksandr Pushkin. Eugene Onegin. A novel in verse. Translated from the Russian, with a commentary by V. Nabokov. 2 vols. Princeton Univ Press, Bollingen series LXXII, 1981. 334; 547; 383, 109 pp. Softcover.

Lectures on Russian Literature. Edited with an introduction by Fredson Bowers. New York et al., Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981. XX, 324 pp., 4 nn pages. Hardcover

Lectures on Don Quixote. Edited by Fredson Bowers. Introduction by Guy Davenport. New York et al. , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983. XX, 220pp. Hardcover.

The Man from the USSR and Other Plays. With two essays on the drama. Introductions and translations by Dmitri Nabokov. New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1984. 342 pp. Hardcover.

The Enchanter. Translated by Dmitri Nabokov. New York, Vintage international, 1991. 109 pp, 2 nn pp. Softcover.

Collected Stories. London, Penguin, 1997. 664 pp., 2 nn. pages. Softcover. First published in the USA by Alfred Knopf, 1995.

Vladimir Nabokov. Selected letters. 1940-1977. Edited by Dmitri Nabokov and Matthew J. Bruccoli. Orlando, Harcourt et al., 1989. XXVI, 582 pp. Hardcover. Pencil notes on last pages, index of recipients. Former library copy.

Boyd, Brian. Vladimir Nabokov. The Russian Years. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1990. 523; 525-783 pp; The American Years. XIV, 663pp. loose in 3 files. Pre printed unbound copy.

Nabokov’s Butterflies. Unpublished and uncollected writings. New translations from the Russian by Dmitri Nabokov. Edited and annotated by Brian Boyd and Robert Michael Pyle. London, Allen Lane /The Penguin Press, 2000. 783 pp. Softcover.

The Originals of Laura. (Dying is fun). Edited by Dmitri Nabokov. New York, Knopf 2009. 278

pp. Hardcover.

Letters to Vera. Translated and edited by Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd.London, Penguin Classics,

2014. LXI, 798 pp. Hardcover.


Secondary literature:

Nabokov. L’Arc revue trisemestrielle. 7th year. Aix-en-Provence. Printemps 1964. 100 pp. Softcover. Cover photo by Horst Tappe, 6 photographical black/white cut bookcovers enclosed.

Stegner, Page. Escape into Aesthetics: The Art of Vladimir Nabokov. New York, Dial Press, 1966. XII,161 pp. Hardcover.

Dembo, L.S. Nabokov The man and his work. The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 1967. X, 282 pp. Softcover.

Field, Andrew. Nabokov. His Life in Art. A critical narrative. Boston, Little Brown, 1967. 397 pp. Hardcover.

Proffer, Carl. R. Keys to Lolita. London, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1968. 160 pp. Hardcover.

Moynahan, Julian. Vladimir Nabokov. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1971. 48 pp. Softcover.

Field, Andrew. Nabokov. A Bibliography. New York et al., McGrawHill, 1973. XXIV, 250 pp. Hardcover.- Broken hinge.

Mason, Bobbie Ann. Nabokov’s Garden. A guide to ADA. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1974. 196 pp. Softcover.

Proffer, Carl R. A book of Things about Vladimir Nabokov. Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1974. 305 pp. Softcover.

Grabes, Herbert. Erfundene Biographien. Vladimir Nabokovs englische Romane. Tübingen, Niemeyer, 1975. 130 pp. Softcover.

Quenell,Peter. Vladimir Nabokov. A tribute. His life, his work, his world. New York, Morrow, 1980, 140pp. Hardcover.

Pifer, Ellen. Nabokov and the novel. Cambride Mass., Harvard, 1980. 198 pp. Hardcover

Davydov. Sergej. “Teksty Matreski” Vladimira Nabokova. München, Sagner, 1982. 252 pp. 1nn page. Softcover.

Field, Andrew. VN. The life and art of Vladimir Nabokov. London, Macdonald Queen Anne Press, 1987. 418 pp. Hardcover. First English edition, 1986 in the US published.

Hüllen, Christopher. Der Tod im Werk Vladimir Nabokovs Terra Incognita. München, Saur, 1990. 254 pp. Softcover. , Dissertation, Köln.

В. В. Набоков. PRO ET CONTRA. Редактор: Д. К. Бурлака. Антология. Личностъ и Творчестю Бладимира Набокова. 2 volumes.Izd. Russk. Christ. Human. Inst. St. Peterburg, 1997. 976 pp., 1060 pp. Hardcover.

Lüdtke, Martin und Delf Schmidt. (Hrsg.) Vladimir Nabokov. Literaturmagazin No. 40. Hamburg, Rowohlt, 1997. 204 pp. Softcover. – Diverse contributions, with a rediscovered tale.

Reich-Ranicki, Marcel. Vladimir Nabokov. Aufsätze. Frankfurt, Fischer, 1998. 140, 2 nn. pp. Softcover.

Rippl, Daniela. Vladimir Nabokov. Sein Leben in Bildern und Texten. Berlin, Alexander Fest Verlag,1998. 208 pp. Hardcover.

Maar, Michael. Warum Nabokov Harry Potter gemocht hätte. Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 2002. 185 pp. Hardcover.

Boyd, Brian. Stalking Nabokov. Selected Essays. New York, Columbia University Press, 2011. XVI, 452 pages. Hardcover.

The Vladimir Nabokov Research Newsletter / The Nabokovian. Editor Stephen Jan Parker, / University of Kansas Vladimir Nabokov Society. Number 1 Fall 1978 until Number 37, Fall 1996, 37 numbers, complete.