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Vote for the 2013 prize for the Best Scholarly Contribution in
Nabokov Studies
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Subject: Vote for the 2013 prize for the Best Scholarly Contribution in
Nabokov Studies
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 15:12:09 +0100
From: Yuri Leving <yleving@gmail.com>

Dear NABOKV-L members,

This is a reminder that you still have 4 weeks to vote for your
favourite book in the area of Nabokov Studies:

The winner of the 2013 prize for the Best Scholarly Contribution will
receive $600.

The winning author and the title will be announced on 24 April, 2014,
7-8 pm, at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore (37 rue de la
Bûcherie, Paris, www.shakespeareandcompany.com).

Here is the full list of the competing titles this year:

- Barbara Wyllie. Vladimir Nabokov (Reaktion, 2010)
- Transitional Nabokov. Ed. by Will Norman, Duncan White (Peter Lang, 2009)
- Graham Vickers. Chasing Lolita: How Popular Culture Corrupted
Nabokov's Little Girl All Over Again (Chicago Review Press, 2008)
- Rachel Trousdale. Nabokov, Rushdie, and the Transnational
Imagination: Novels of Exile and Alternate Worlds (Palgrave Macmillan,
- Stephen H. Blackwell. The Quill and the Scalpel: Nabokov's Art and
the Worlds of Science (Ohio State University Press, 2009)
- Eric Naiman. Nabokov, Perversely (Cornell University Press, 2010)
- Yannicke Chupin & Rene Alladaye. Aux origines de Laura Le dernier
manuscrit de Vladimir Nabokov (Presses Universite Paris Sorbonne,
- Gennady Barabtarlo. Sochinenie Nabokova (Ivan Limbakh, 2011)
- Anthony Uhlmann. Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov
(Bloomsbury, 2011)
- Irina Guadanini. Pis'ma [Letters]. Ed. by Evgeny Belodubrovsky
(Renome, 2011)
- Thomas Karshan. Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Play (Oxford, 2011)
- Dana Dragunoiu. Vladimir Nabokov and the Poetics of Liberalism
(Northwestern University Press, 2011)

You can also track the progress of the voting by clicking on "View
Results" in the left bottom corner of the table:

Join us in Paris for the conversation on Nabokov's legacy with
participants Yuri Leving (Editor of the Nabokov Online Journal), Lara
Delage-Toriel (President of the French Vladimir Nabokov Society), and
Samuel Schuman (Past President of the International Vladimir Nabokov
Society, the author of Nabokov's Shakespeare (Bloomsbury, 2014)),
during the European book launch of "Lolita - The Story of a Cover
Girl: Vladimir Nabokov's Novel in Art and Design". Eds. J. Bertram and
Y. Leving (New York: Print, 2013), and "Shades of Laura: Vladimir
Nabokov's Last Novel, The Original of Laura". Ed. Y. Leving (McGill
Queens University Press, 2013).

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