Ada Notes 1-43 and AdaOnline updates

Submitted by Brian_Boyd on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 19:36

Dear Adaphiles,

The notes to Ada 1.43 have been added to the Annotations section of the website, which also means the notes to Ada 1.41 are now available (with hyperlinks to motifs and illustrations) on AdaOnline. Thanks once again to Steve Blackwell for acting as editor of the new annotations, kindly continuing the momentum of his role as the last editor of the print Nabokovian.

After 26 years, I have finished Part One of the novel! "Only" four Parts to go--but fortunately less than half the novel. With luck the rest should be done in 9 years, at the new rate of three chapters per year,

Thanks to the incorporation of past Nabokv-L posts into, and the efficiency of the site's search engine (for both of which, thanks to webmaster Dmitry Kirsanov) I can now embed links to the posts there (e.g. by Aleksey Sklyarenko and Jansy de Souza Mello) that I draw on. I am also supplying direct links to the appropriate part of the Annotations of the Kyoto Reading Circle whenever I reference them.

And do please contact me if you have suggestions to make about what's already available. 

Happy browsing,

Brian Boyd