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Re: "Signs and Symbols"
Dear List:

I thank everybody for their thoughtful and very useful responses to my query about the third telephone call in "Signs and Symbols." For the conference paper I will deliver 28 March, I will leave it as "undecided," which now, after reading all the responses on the listserv, is my new position. The paper focuses more on "Details of a Sunset" and "Cloud, Castle, Lake" anyway. This summer I hope to expand that paper into a full-fledged article, wherein I will take into account everybody's views.
I do know Vladimir Alexandrov's work. Unfortunately both Nabokov's Otherworld and the Garland Companion were checked out of the library that I am dependent on. I requested them through Interlibrary Loan-but we all know how slow or chancy that can be. And I certainly will do my best to track down Yuri Leving's Anatomy of a Short Story.

Eric Hyman
Professor of English
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Fayetteville State University
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