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Fairy Chess variants
*Dave* sez: *"I believe the fairy chess analogy is ...more a matter of
'making ornaments / Of accidents and possibilities'...Fairy chess problems
may also change other stipulations, including multiple solutions (not a bug
but a feature)...*

*I've covered much of the ground in blogposts:


*... As you noted, the Nightrider is one of the most common fairy pieces,
extending Knight moves linearly. (It's fairly common for notation to use
"S" for the knight and "N" for the nightrider).*

*The Unicorn is an established fairy chess piece, a 3-dimensional bishop.
There is no piece known as the Faun...*

*Jansy Mello*: Your Pale Fire blogposts and present commentary are awesome.

It's way beyond my abilities to follow Nabokov's allusions related to
Lepidoptery and Chess, but you set my heart at ease when you observed that
the fairy chess analogy is more a matter of "making ornaments of
accidents..." But then, unfortunately, I'll have to abandon any confirmatory
step towards the idea that *PF* offers "multiple solutions" if these belong
to the accidental realm of fairy chess.

I'm coming to the conclusion that to include of N,S, K as "main characters"
in Charles Kinbote's work (sic), abandoning G, doesn't belong to the field
of "PF truths" ( these would pertain to the hypothesis of only one solution
and one intended end, despite its ornamental ramifications) . In that case,
I must take a stand concerning the author issue.

Even though I feel inclinded to the "three in one" idea, I'll set my heart
on looking for a fictional double authorship (JS and CK), until I'm
convinced of my...folly? Luckily I'm all in for a fairy variant reading, too.
After all, "what is truth, said jesting Pilate..."

John Shade mentions unicorns (found among the fairy chess figures) and
fauns. I understand you, Dave, have interesting connections to fauns
related to Sybil's translations of Marvell?

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