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NABOKV-L post 0025221, Tue, 25 Mar 2014 11:34:10 -0300

Special Apologies
*Jansy Mello*: Due to changes in the Outlook email program (being
discontinued by Microsoft, or so I understand) I'm trying to move forward
and, in the meantime, I adopted the gmail. Unfortunately I'm still a bit
confused with the new commands and made a few mistakes.

In relation to the VN-L I must ask *Alexey Sklyarenko*, in particular, to
forgive me for having inadevertently used his "subject" line to write
independent contributions of my own. This won't happen again.

Yesterday I returned to the matter of Dryden's "Astrée Redux" and "The
Maiden Queen" (with their goddesses, shepherds and nymphs) to realize that,
in an old posting to the VN-L, I had blended the names Astrea and Celadon
following Rohmer's last movie called " Les Amours d'Astrée et de Celadon"
(inspired in a novel by Honoré D' Urfé), instead of John Dryden's two
characters, who appear in different works of his.
My interest in Dryden, at the time, was linked to Nabokov's *RLSK* where we
find a cat with celadon eyes and also to the Restoration/Resurrection
theme, related to Dryden's interest in the Portuguese King Sebastian.

Once again, my apologies to Sklyarenko, which are the main purpose of my
present posting.

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