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Re: EDITORIAL: Invitation to a Birthday
I've been away too long. Here is the correct address, finally:
NABOKV-L@holycross.edu. Sorry!


On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 4:16 PM, NABOKV-L, English <nabokv-l@holycross.edu>wrote:

> Dear List,
> Once again, we will celebrate the anniversary of VN's birth, 115 years ago
> this year, with greetings, toasts, jokes, parodies, homages, and
> Nabokoviana.
> This year, in particular, I invite you to contribute a quotation from a
> moment of happy celebration--or just plain happiness, involving *tartine
> au miel *or otherwise--in any of VN's texts.
> Please send your offerings to N-L with "BIRTHDAY" in the subject heading,
> and I'll save them up and send them out on April 23. Many happy returns!
> :) SES
> P.S. I misspelled my address in my last "EDITORIAL" message. Please send
> any requests to withhold a submitted post, or any other communications
> other than submissions, to *this* address: NABOKVL@holycross.edu. Thanks!
> --
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