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RES: [NABOKV-L] Dr Krolik in Ada pupae and maggots
....after Dr Krolik died (in 1886) of a heart attack in his garden, she [Ada]
had placed all her live pupae in his open coffin* where he lay, she said, as
plump and pink as in vivo. (1.35) * As Boyd points out in his "Annotations,"
a roly-poly old Pole who feeds his maggots in peace is both Krolik and
Polonius, a character in Hamlet (who is at supper "not where he eats, but
where a' is eaten... we fat ourselves for maggots...").

C. Kunin: And he was in vivo according to my lights.

JM: Do butterfly pupae feed on carrion, like maggots do? Please, Carolyn,
explain how you concluded that Dr.Krolik as still alive in his coffin. You
made me extremely curious. Was you clue the comparison "as in vivo"?

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