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Books behind bars: Invitation to a Beheading... only this one by
Books Behind Bars: The Best Prison Literature

20,000 Years in Sing Sing by Lewis E. Lawes, Call it the Slammer, the Big
House, the Pokey or the Clink, prison remains a place no-one wishes to go
but everyone wants to read about. The vast majority of people will never
step inside one but everyone can imagine what jailbird life must be like.
Authors, both fiction and non-fiction writers, have considered almost every
aspect of imprisonment - the solitude of a life sentence, the culture and
the contraband, the escapes, the torture, the miscarriages of justice and
the innocent souls, the warders, the political and war-time prison camps,
and the letters and visits. Even the slang, the tattoos and the last meals
of those on Death Row have been documented.Countless books, from The Count
of Monte Cristo to Dave Eggers' Zeitoun, have touched upon prison life but
our selection of 25 books highlights novels and real-life accounts where
doing time is at the absolute heart of the story.

Fictional Prison Literature

Invitation to a Beheading

Vladimir Nabokov

Bookseller: The Book Depository US

(Gloucester, ., United Kingdom)

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ISBN: 9781480543027

Book Description: Brilliance Corporation, United States, 2013. CD-Audio.
Book Condition: New. Unabridged. 188 x 137 mm. Brand New. Like Kafka s The
Castle, Invitation to a Beheading embodies a vision of a bizarre and
irrational world. In an unnamed dream country, the young man Cincinnatus C.
is condemned to death by beheading for gnostical turpitude, an imaginary
crime that defies definition. Cincinnatus spends his last days in an absurd
jail, where he is visited by chimerical jailers, an executioner who
masquerades as a fellow prisoner, and by his in-laws, who lug their
furniture with them into his cell. When Cincinnatus is led out to be
executed, he simply wills his executioners out of existence; they disappear,
along with the whole world they inhabit.


Mental Illness in Books: Plumbing the Depths of Madness


Mental disorders are among the most misunderstood conditions. Authors of
both fiction and non-fiction have explored everything from clinical
depression to schizophrenia and psychosis to society's growing dependence on

Ranging from reference texts like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders (The DSM), to memoirs like Girl, Interrupted and some
famous fiction from Ken Kesey, this selection is a drop in a very deep

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