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Jack Horner, Take two
By coincidence a Brazilian Lit. teacher has published an article online
about Machado de Assis, Borges, Calvino and Nabokov where she quotes little
Jack Horner’s pie in relation to Kinbote.
I haven’t yet read it in full but, if it happens to be interesting, I’ll
translate parts of it for the List in the near future.

She writes: ". Por mais bondoso ou malvado que seja, Little Jack Horner não
poderá cometer nenhuma peraltice se não houver uma torta à sua frente,
provocando-lhe tais instintos.
Por isso, o professor Charles Kinbote, no romance de Nabokov, induz com
tanta insistência o poeta Shade a escrever o texto que será objeto de sua
análise.” - Ermelinda Ferreira, 2005

“Cruel or good-hearted, Little Jack Horner won’t be able to pursue his
pranks if there is no pie in front of him to provoke such instincts.// This
is why professor Charles Kinbote, in Nabokov’s novel, insistently prompts
the poet John Shade to have him write the text that’ll become the object of
his analysis…”

Coincidences are fun: “Pale Fire” as Jack Horner’s pie!
(or as the “body” of proof in a crime story).

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