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Re: SIGHTING: Charlie Chaplin and Humbert in LO
I was struck, when I read this in The Spectator, by the following passage
about Charlie Chaplin:

"He ordered 342 takes over a two-year period of a single shot in City
Lights -- the blind flower-seller handing over a bunch of violets to the Little
Tramp. Was this perfectionism? A manifestation of obsessive compulsive
disorder? Or was he behaving like a simple power-crazed brute?"

The number 342, as we know, plays a mysterious role in Lolita: it is the
house number in Lawn Street; the room number in the Enchanted Hunters hotel;
and the number of "hotels, motels and tourist homes" Humbert "registered,
if not actually stayed at" between July 5 and November 18, while trying to
trace his persecutor (Quilty).

A "two-year period" is also significant in Lolita.

Could Nabokov have known about the repeated takes of the City Lights shot?

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Barrie Karp sends the following reference, spotted in The Spectator:

Charlie Chaplin was a suspicious and angry man. His hubris had no limits,
nor his interest in young women. Did he inspire Nabokov’s Lolita?...



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