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BIRTHDAY: Gloating uncle in Speak, Memory
Hi Carolyn,

No, it's innocent in that sense, I think . . . VN is remembering with
nostalgia his uncle's nostalgia over a children's book that *he* read as a
child, which brought back *his* own childhood to *him*.

But there is a snake, in another sense, because that doubled memory
suggests a series of reflections of loss -- which includes now, for me,
remembering the first time that I read this very passage in 1976, after my
parents (now dead) gave *Speak, Memory* to me for Christmas when I was

:) SES

Dear SES,
> But that gloating uncle - what kind of a book would he be gloating over?
> it does seem as if a snake is lurking already in the garden.
> Carolyn

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
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